Viequo Tendon Flex

The Tendon Specialist

Tendon injuries are not uncommon in competition and recreational horses. Connective tissue and ligament weakness may be due to inadequate collagen production. It is important to supply the building blocks for tissue re-growth whilst at the same time provide protection against free radicals. Viequo Tendon Flex has been developed using the latest scientific findings and contains essential bio-available minerals, which are of both used in promoting collagen production, helping those connective tissues stay strong and healthy.

Essential bio-available Organic sulfur (MSM), and vitamin C to promote collagen synthesis and enhancing the strength of tendons and ligaments

To strengthen the ligaments and tendons

To support the regenerative capacity of cartilage

Proven in the rearing of foals with respect to the bone – and cartilage growth

To promote the regeneration of skin, hair and hoof