Viequo Royal Senior

Improved quality of life for the older horse

It is quite normal for older horses (over 15 years) to have an altered and impaired metabolism, decreased immunity and slowed regeneration processes. Several organ systems such as liver, kidney, heart and digestive tract are commonly affected as is the musculoskeletal system. Approximately 20% of all older horses also suffer from Cushing's syndrome, a hormonal dysfunction. With a sound nutritional program, many horses can enjoy normal activities and even competition well into their senior years. Viequo Royal Senior is a herbal preparation used to improve the quality of life and longevity of the older horse.

Supports the entire metabolism of older horses by the concerted and highly digestible formulation

The first liquid geriatric with vitex, devil’s claw, ginseng, milk thistle, hawthorn, ginkgo and valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals

Increases efficiency and improves quality of life of geriatric patients