Viequo Haemoforte

Promotes Red Blood Cell production & increased performance

Is your horse running low on horsepower? If your horse isn’t giving you all he’s got, it may be because he doesn’t have all he needs. Just like in people, a horse’s muscles require oxygen from blood for fuel. Red blood cells serve as the oxygen carrying cells in the blood. A higher red blood cell count = more oxygen in the blood = more muscle energy. An adequate supply of the trace elements iron, copper and zinc are of great importance for red blood cell production and overall vitality. Pregnant mares especially need to be able to supply their foals with a healthy level of red blood cells in the first days after conception as this plays an important role for a good start in life and good early development in foals. Viequo Haemoforte supplement includes targeted nutrients that support healthy red blood cell production and promote healthy energy levels.

Provides important trace elements and vitamins for the formation of red blood cells

Promotes the vitality of foals in the neonatal period

Increases metabolism during periods of high demand, such as in pregnant /lactating mares or competition.

Also supports horses during injury and decreased performance

Proven in convalescence of horses after diseases and surgery