Viequo Calm

Chill out

Tense, nervous, unfocused and distracted. If these words describe your horse, then Viequo Calm can make training easier and riding more fun. The natural ingredients of Viequo Calm promote balance and relaxation. Vitamin B1 plays a key role in the proper functioning of nerve impulses. Horses deficient in this vitamin may act nervous & unfocused. Magnesium, a macro mineral, supports nerve and muscle function. Horses with too little Magnesium in their diet may be tense & nervous. Viequo Calm is a drug free preparation that supports proper nervous system function to help your horse feel more confident, focused and at ease.

Enables your horse to calm down and focus

Tryptophan and magnesium, as well as vitally important B vitamins promote balance and relaxation

Supports sensitive horses during stressful periods, for example, while transporting, at shows, standing for the farrier or nervousness during training

An ideal daily partner for tense or nervous horses