Viequo Bronchheal

Helping your horse to breathe easy

Respiratory problems occur more often in horses that live inside, or are exposed to dust, pollen and moulds and those that are prone to irritated airways. Vitamin A deficiency in horses is characterized by a dull and dry coat, runny eyes and night blindness, but it also leads to a slower resistance to respiratory infections. Viequo Bronchheal provides all the Vitamin A, E & C your horse needs to build up its resistance to infection at a cellular level. Viequo Bronchheal is a pure herbal supplement that supports the metabolic function of the respiratory tract (developed with the latest scientific knowledge), making it the ideal choice to soothe and support your horse’s airways.

Promotes the self-cleaning properties of the respiratory system.

Contains tincture of marshmallow and extracts of the medicinal plants: ivy, hibiscus, eucalyptus and thyme.

Recommended especially in winter and the cold and wet transition periods when access to fresh grazing it limited and during the cold and wet transition periods