Viequo 100 %

The multi-vitamin cocktail!

Inadequate levels of vitamins and minerals in your horse’s diet may mean that he doesn’t have the nutritional support he needs to truly thrive and perform at his best. Malnutrition or the mal-absorption of nutrients can lead to serious equine diseases. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are vital substances that cannot be formed independently of the body. Therefore, they must be constantly fed. These substances are needed by the horse's body to allow many processes, especially the smooth functioning of metabolism. Viequo 100% - for the general well-being of your horse.

Supplies horses of all ages with a balanced mixture of minerals, trace elements and vitamins which cannot be formed by the organism itself

Enables smooth metabolic functioning

Helps to prevent serious diseases caused by previous poor nutrition, fluctuations in feed quality or absorption disorders

Complete daily provision, independent of ration and season