Vicano Senior Power Tabs

Helping your Senior dog rediscover his Joie De Vivre

"When will my dog be a senior?" Older dogs are often less agile, their response time declines, their hearing worsens, they do not come so quickly when you call them. The causes of these first signs of aging are often found not only in one organ system but are typical signs of aging in many organ systems. The heart, joints, liver, brain, kidneys are all aging and not working as optimally as they once did. You can see that your best friend has lost his vitality. Vicano Senior Power is focused on supporting organ systems that are most affected by aging. Talk to your veterinarian about helping your best friend recover his “joie de vivre”.

High-quality food supplement with natural bioactive substances for the special nutritional needs of senior dogs

To improve the quality of life and increased life expectancy of older dogs

The herbal ingredients such as chaste tree, devil’s claw, ginseng and milk thistle to support the organ systems of older dogs

Highly digestible formulation