Vicano Myo Power Tabs

Vital muscles

After a surgery, in a prolonged illness phase or due to age the body reduces muscle mass. Unfortunately, the loss of muscle is much faster than the muscle. Muscles should be rebuilt gently after an operation / disease, so that the dog returns to its old form as soon as possible. The better the muscles before an intervention or accident, the faster it can be rebuilt. To build muscle, the body needs protein building blocks, whereby the correct ratio of the amino acids to each other (amino acid pattern) is crucial. Through their ingredients, Vicano Myo Power Tabs provide all the protein building blocks essential for muscle building in ideal proportions. In addition, the natural ingredient gamma oryzanol and the targeted intake of vitamin E promote the development and maintenance of healthy muscles and prevent tension. Vicano Myo Power Tabs is a high-quality supplement that actively and naturally supports the dog in building his muscles and their functions. This is ensured by a high proportion of BCAA (branch chained amino acids) a total of 12 amino acids, including all 10 essential for the dog amino acids. Vicano Myo Power Tabs are ideal for supporting physiotherapy.

To build and maintain a loose and resilient musculature

To build up the muscles after operations or damage of the musculoskeletal system (in the convalescent phase)

To promote the dogs´ joy of movement 

Ideal for supporting physiotherapy