Vicamelo Powerbol Plus

Supporting & building strong relaxed Muscles

No. 1 amongst liquid supplementary feeds for the build-up and maintenance of a healthy and resilient muscular system. Supports performance readiness and flexibility of the camel through elevated supply of oxygen and energy to the muscle cells. Effective muscular growth without water retention. Successfully employed for the development of the muscular system in camels used for transportation and during intensive journeys. Efficiently sustains the muscular system in pregnant camels, following illness and in older camels. Works already intra-uterine – top-muscled calves from the first day onwards. Recommended by camels’ veterinary surgeons for the prevention of muscular sclerosis and Tying-up-Syndrome.

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Used successfully worldwide by camel-drivers and owners

No. 1 under liquid feed supplement for the establishment and maintenance of a healthy and resilient muscles in camelid

Unique combination of liquid natural gamma oryzanol, vitamin E and the most important building blocks of protein and muscles

Supports performance and flexibility of camels by elevated supply of oxygen and energy to muscle cells

Successfully used to develop the muscular system in sport camels for racing, competitions and during intensive training periods

Recommended to preserve the muscles in camels following illness and old camels

By veterinarians recommended for the prevention of muscle sclerosis and Tying-up syndrome