Vicamelo OrthoHyl HA

Lubricating, cushioning and protecting the joint

Your camel can experience improved joint health through appropriate supplementation whether he is young or old, in heavy training or used recreationally, or have a joint injury or just normal wear and tear. Hyaluronic acid is the major component of the "joint lubricant" and is the key substance for the preservation of healthy joint function. It is an integral component of both joint cartilage and joint fluid, providing lubrication between the surfaces. HA is what makes joint fluid “sticky”. In diseased joints, the hyaluronic acid production is reduced, but this is also the case during heavy work periods, and increasing age. Vicamelo OrthoHyl HA has been developed using the latest scientific findings and contains high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in high concentration preparation and is recommended for camels by their specialist veterinary surgeons. The ideal therapy that provides support in cases of joint and tendon inflammations, as well as in combination with intra-articular and/or intra-venous Hyaluronic acid therapies. Excellent in cases of high demanding journeys, as support in the mobility of older camels, as well as a prophylactic.

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Used successfully worldwide by camel owners and drivers

Excellent for highly demanding routes to support the mobility of older camels, and as prophylaxis