Vifelo OrthoHyl HA Supreme

The natural synovial fluid

Joint disease in cats often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed, as cats are different! It takes a long time before a cat shows pain! At heart they are still primitive hunters – they cannot show any weaknesses or they themselves could become the hunted. Has your cat’s behavior changed recently? Is she ignoring her usual “lookout” points in favour of more easily accessible areas, is she sleeping more than usual, does she clean herself less, is she less active overall? All of these are only small signs, but may be indicative of "larger problems". Pain - caused by joint problems. Recent studies show that 90% of older cats suffer from painful chronic joint diseases and already 34% of middle-aged cats (6 years) are suffering from feline osteoarthritis. 22% of younger cats (1-2 years) have osteoarthritic joints. Don’t let it get so far, ask your vet for Vifelo OrthoHyl HA Supreme,the natural synovial fluid.

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid (“synovial fluid”)

In all acute diseases of the joints

Ideal for painful osteoarthritis of senior cats

After surgery

Preventive use

Specially developed for the needs of the cat – and they love it!