Vicano Liver Up

Liver protection for dogs

The liver is the largest organ in the body’s detoxification process and has to cope with many environmental toxins. For city dogs that run daily at "nose height" with exhaust pipes, the liver has to work at full speed. For those dogs that have been on antibiotic treatments for a long time and those that are on chronic medication, the liver is required to break down these drugs and putting the liver cells under extreme stress. In these instances there is an increased risk of liver disease and functional impairment. Vicano LiverUp is a purely herbal supplement for promoting liver regeneration. The natural ingredients such as milk thistle and artichoke protect the liver, promote digestion and stimulate the flow of bile.

Protects the liver cells (hepatocytes) by stabilizing cell membranes

Regenerative capacity of hepatocytes is increased, thus promoting the recovery of the liver

Ideal as liver treatment once or twice a year for city dogs

As a cure after use of antibiotics or long drug therapies

With malnutrition

After heavy worm infestation