The correct supply of nutrients and trace elements in pregnant and lactating mares is extremely important. The organism of the mare is particularly stressed in many aspects and the body needs to work for “two”.

Above all, the heart has to deliver maximum performance during pregnancy because it already has to pump, at rest, more blood through the body. Not only the body of the mare, but also of the foal must be adequately supplied with blood. The volume of blood increases during pregnancy and consequently also the blood pressure.

The cardiovascular system is under extreme stress and should be positively encouraged and trained by appropriate exercise. For example a lack of exercise can favor a disturbed blood return to the heart.

To supply two organisms during pregnancy with the necessary oxygen the mares must breathe very deeply. An increased tidal volume and an increased depth of breathing are proof. Thus, the mare is just now supplied with enough fresh air to breathe, you should ensure that it can move outside. Not only the air is clear outside, even light and air

stimuli do good. They strengthen the weakened immune system, which makes up another side effect of pregnancy. Must the mare quench their increased oxygen requirement in a stuffy boxes clima, it often comes to respiratory infections.

To facilitate a healthy foal development before and after birth, the trace elements supply have crucial aspects. The focus is on copper, zinc and selenium. A deficiency can cause disturbances in the development of bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Vitamin B and folic acid are especially important for the nerve formation and development of the foal before and after birth.

Talk to your veterinarian about the best care for your mare and foal .

For a good start and a healthy development for your mare and her foal!

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